Sunday, November 14, 2010

The One Where Nothing Was Bad.

Hey boys and girls and welcome to another edition of semi-edible! Today our menu is light on food, heavy on cocktail and lo and behold we liked ever single thing we made. At this point, Jillian and I thought this day would never come but the Fiesta Fondue, the Academy Cocktail, and the Gin Plush were actually sodalicious!

So first up, we began with the grand semi-edible tradition of enjoying a cocktail (the best part of the day I'll have you know) while we "cook." Enter the Academy Cocktail: mix 1 cup vodka, 1 cup orange liqueur, 2 cups white cranberry juice, and 1 juiced lime. Now I realize that the ingredients listed call for white cranberry juice, but in the photos you'll notice that the drinks are pink. Yeah well that's because I totally failed to notice
that it wasn't regular cranberry juice that would have set this drink apart from a traditional Cosmopolitan. It wasn't until Jillian was putting together the cocktail that she noticed the lack of white cranberry juice. Whoops. Oh yeah and I also failed to add an orange to the impromptu grocery list so instead of a super cool orange peel garnish we have a super cool apple peel garnish. And I think it really improved the visual appeal of the drink. Anyway, the drink is served in a merlot glass over ice and for once, a cocktail was not overpoweringly boozy or sweet. Neither of us cringed or had to plug our noses to finish it! We would even make it again! We were drinking a cosmopolitan after all. Hooray!

Ok so now that we had enjoyed a delightful cocktail it was time to move on to solid food - usually the downfall of these experiments (because while the cocktails often leave something to be desired, they still have a booztastic purpose). The Fiesta Fondue
brings back an oldie but a goodie- Campbell's Condensed Cheddar Cheese soup! We haven't seen this sodium packed slime since the Cheesy Cauliflower Gratin that no one liked. Jillian aptly likened the cheese soup to handi-snack cheese, which she loved as a kid but I didn't. But I digress. To the cheese soup add 8oz. shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 1 cup of whole milk, and a cup of chipotle salsa. You basically just heat everything up until it is smooth and then transfer it to a serving dish and enjoy. The dip is paired with dippers. Aunt Sandy suggests tortillas, bread, carrots and jicama. All of these ideas are great, but we couldn't find jicama. Anyway, it should be said that the dip is quite salty, but with a whole can of condensed cheese soup that is to be expected. We enjoyed a baguette, pita chips, carrots and broccoli for dippers. The worst thing about the dish was Jillian's genius idea to use apples as dippers. We both acknowledged that the apples were a bad idea. Overall, we like it. We both sat there dipping for the rest of the night.

So it is usually at this point in the post where our next endeavor reminds us not to get our hopes up about Aunt Sandy's culinary abilities and we muster the courage to continue with this blog. To add to this twilight zone-esque cocktail time, the Gin Plush was really good! And I genuinely mean it. You stir together 1/3 c. of gin and 1/4 c. of guava, pineapple, orange juice and club soda. Add ice cubes in the glass and serve! As a side note, I want to make a statement about kitchen safety. Opening club soda bottles is serious business and should be done with care. I unfortunately learned this the hard way when awash with elation from our first 2 successes that I failed to use proper care when opening the brand new bottle. The result was an explosion of club soda all over my crotch. Fail. Anyway this drink was very refreshing, not too boozy and not too sweet. The acidity of the pineapple and the bubbly of the club soda made this sodalicious. I'm not typically a fan of gin but it was really really nice!

So there you have it. 2 drinks and a appetizer. All Edible!!! So until next time keep it light, keep it refreshing, keep it safe, and occasionally keep it edible!


  1. you're confusing me with this sodalicious nonsense... it still sounds the same as so delicious. but as this is a blog, and most frequently read, well, it just makes it more difficult. russipies works though, because that looks different enough and sounds different. sodalicious and so delicious? so not. also, when describing drinks with soda in them, this just becomes completely confusing.

  2. Anonymous, we apologize for the apparent confusion; however, our choice of words is not nonsense. If you watch the show (which it sounds like you don't) you would know what we were talking about. Aunt Sandy, in all of her slurred speech glory, always always always says things are sodalishous. Just like she incorrectly says russipies, melk, jews, vinegar-ette... the list is endless. If you watched, you would know.

    Also, I thought adding it to a cocktail with soda was punny. Perhaps (although unlikely) had Aunty Sandy done the same, we wouldn't mock her so much.

  3. I thought you guys had already blogged about the gin plush...

    Also, I read "The dip is paired with dippers" as "The dip is paired with diapers." LOL!

  4. i do watch the show! with you most frequently! be nice. also, sodalishous sounds the same when you say it out loud as 'so delicious.' there is no difference in how that sounds. russipies there is. as is jews. and melk. but yours is not different. that is the problem i have.

  5. I agree with Anonymous! There is no distinguishable difference between the two when you say them out loud! I think your just trying hard to find something else to pick on the Alcoholic about.

  6. ^It is "You're" not "your".

    I do not have a problem with discerning the difference between "sodalicious" and "so delicious". It may be my accent, but us hicks pronounce it "Dee-lish-us," not "Dah-lish-us." Also, it's not the fact that she's drunk, but how she elongates every friggin' vowel. Sooooooodalicious, not so.dalicous.

    Dear lord, I feel like Hermione Granger.



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